Save money and ship First-Class

Track Letters is a third-party service that provides public tracking for otherwise untracked First-Class Mail including:
Letter Envelope Letter Envelope
Letter Envelopes - $0.58
Large Envelope Large Envelope
Large/Flat Envelopes - $1.16
Postcard Postcard
Postcards - $0.40

Why track First-Class Mail?

  • Cheapest Shipping Costs
    Prices range from $0.40 to $1.16, making it the cheapest shipping option
  • Fast Delivery
    Quickly ships in 1-3 business days
By using USPS business-level services, Track Letters provides consumer-level tracking for First-Class Mail.
Forever Stamp


TrackLetters Conventional Tracking
$0.20 - $0.55  (Plus postage) $3.80+ Source
Forever Stamp
Pay 5% of what you would pay through USPS tracking with TrackLetters!

How it works

USPS IMB Barcode
This is a tracking barcode for USPS First-Class Mail.
Usually used for business mailings, Track Letters makes this available to you at the consumer level.
Each envelope that you print with Track Letters includes a tracking barcode and we provide all tracking information to you.
  1. 1.
    Enter your return and delivery address
  2. 2.
    Print the tracked envelope
  3. 3.
    Attach postage, mail, and get tracking info every step of the way
USPS First-Class Mail Tracking Example USPS First-Class Mail Tracking Example
Looking to
  • Save on shipping costs compared to USPS tracking rates?
  • Have the security and peace of mind of tracking your First-Class shipment every step of the way?
then join Track Letters today!

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